For prospective students:

Prospective graduate (MS and PhD) students:

Funding is available for PhD students, but unfortunately not for MS students. For PhDs, I rarely offer RA support to students who I havenot had the chance to work with, as an instructor and as a research advisor. If you are interested in working with me toward a PhD, the best option is to take a graduate course I offer and let me know about your interest in the beginning of the semester.

I usually have unfunded positions for MS theses or non-thesis MS research projects. These often involve computations - and sometimes - experimentation and prototyping. For computational work involving optimization, you need some background in (1) linear algebra and (2) probability. For background in linear algebra, the suggested course is "MAS4105 - Linear Algebra 1". For probability, the suggested course is "EEL 5544 - Noise in Linear Systems". Both courses are offered every fall, and only in the fall. Sometimes there are simulation-based projects involving complex thermal systems, so a course in heat transfer/HVAC systems is useful for those projects.

If you are interested in a PhD position, you are strongly recommended to take the two courses mentioned above. Note that they are only offered in the Fall. I also expect you to read a couple of my recent papers (see my Google scholar page) and provide a critique of those papers when you discuss your interest with me.

Prospective undergraduate students:

I am looking for undergraduate student researchers who have good Python programming skills and/or expertise in Arduino/R-Pi's. Email me with a resume and an unofficial transcript if interested.

For current DiCE lab members

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